The Nobel in Economics

So here\’s the announcement:

This year\’s Nobel Prize in economics goes to Leonid Hurwicz, Eric S. Maskin, and Roger B. Myerson.

Greg Mankiw then asks:

Eric is used to teach economic theory at Harvard and was a great teacher and colleague. If my recollection is correct, when he moved from Harvard to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, he bought the house Albert Einstein used to live in. I wonder if there are any other houses that can claim two Nobel laureates.

Err, any house that Linus Pauling lived in between 1962 and 1994?

5 thoughts on “The Nobel in Economics”

  1. Shame on you Tim – for implying that the peace prize is a real Nobel Prize.

    (I know that strictly economics isn’t a real Nobel either, but let’s not be pedantic – it is clearly meritocratic rather than a politically-correct gesture like the peace prize). The literature prize is semi-valid, but lacks any proper ground for international comparison – and goes by buggins turn.

    Bardeen, Curie and Sanger each won two *proper* Nobel Prizes:

  2. And given that the curie’s daughter picked up another nobel prize , then i presume the count for their house stands at 3.

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