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Cambridge students prostituting themselves.

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  1. Just out of curiosity….. what is it that’s shocking? That it’s Cambridge types doing it, or that it’s happening at all? Would it be OK if were Oxford? Brilliant in Buckingham Uni? Lovely at the LSE?

    I think we should be told.

  2. I saw this on the BBC News site; apparently, the Dean (or whatever) is worried because students are turning to prostitution. I wonder if he’s looked at it the other way; prostitutes are taking degree courses.

  3. Seems to me that they are learning practical lessons in how free markets work. Something ignored by most academic types.

  4. I posted in an earlier thread here about a female student financing her way through college by working in the brothel at the end of the road:

    “The local superstore where I regularly buy groceries, has a section selling popular and family books as well as the current chart-topping paperbacks at appropriately discounted prices.

    “Among the last, presently ranked at No 12 in the display, was: ‘Confessions of a Working Girl’ by Miss S, published by Penguin Books.

    “This is the inspiring autobiographical account by a student who sought to avoid accumulating a student loan to finance her college education by working instead part-time at a conveniently situated brothel at the end of the road where her student accommodation was located and where her youthful age did not seem to pose any insurmountable impediment to her successful and enterprising employment. If anything, quite the opposite. . . ”

    I can understand concerns about the health and safety risks of such part-time engagements but it can hardly be argued that working in a brothel is any more diverting from a student’s studies than working at a check-out desk in a supermarket to earn money. Arguably, for some academic subjects – sociology and psychology? – the insights gained from vocational work in brothels might prove illuminating.

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