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Leaving the EU and studying migrants.


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  1. “They come to us when they’re already adult, when they’ve already been educated at someone else’s expense. Given that the education system is a major part of tax spending, obviously they’re going to cost us less than a native.”

    But, once here, immigrants have more children than natives.

  2. Re: “Leaving the EU”, you describe opponents to this as “federalists” (actually I think thats what the typo means), but they are not.

    A properal federal EU might offer real benefits, but the current shape of Europe, and the determination of certain nations to keep it that way, means leaving is a viable option, so your point stands.

  3. And just how do you quantify happiness then Tim?

    I am sure from your central EU location vantage point in sunny Portugal, dogging strange young eastern Europeans pushing there babies towards you muttering “feed baby”, is not something you encounter too much, or indeed trying to get a Doctors appointment behind 30 or Poles when you have paid 25 years taxes for the privilege.

    remember Tim even communism looks good in the sunshine.

    Tim adds: Central EU? You do realise that I’m in the south of Portugal? There’s only 15 km to go to the southern border of the whole thing? And you do realise how far west Portugal is? Lisbon being further west than Dublin, further west than Cork? Wherever the centre of the EU is, this ain’t it.

  4. Will they did need some cash :0)

    and when you try to walk around them a large male stands in your way and stares at you, does not bother me too much but i guess plenty of little old women hand over the cash.

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