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Leggett\’s appeal for subsidy and the idiocy of bottle recycling.

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  1. The problems with bottles is that it ain’t worth recycling them (sure, import full bottles of wine from Italy or wherever, but it can’t make sense to send them back again).

    Neither do they burn in incinerators, nor rot down to compost (with or without CH4 and NO2 capture).

    I guess we might as well chuck them into the North Sea and let them turn back into sand.

  2. Seriously though, I think a lot of this bottle recycling is done for PET bottles, couldn’t you just buy a PET emblem stamper of some kind and “convert” all your bottles to recyclables too ?

  3. The whole sordid tale of failure that is the German deposit regulation is too long and depressing to tell here but one interesting fact has to do with the money taken in from the deposits on cans. At first, to get the deposit back, one had to return to exactly the same location where the can (tin?) in question was purchased. As this defeated the convienence aspect of such a package, almost no one reclaimed their deposit and now there is a staggering amount of money lying around that doesn’t appear to belong to anyone- not the shop and certainly not the government.

    Has anyone or organizationn done the math on the energy equation of cleaning glass bottles vs. recycling cans?

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