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At the ASI. A question about trade and compensation to those who lose from freer trade.

It\’s a serious question BTW. I really don\’t know whether I\’ve missed something important there or not.

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  1. There might be the overall tax benefit from having a factory working rather than empty – but that would accrue to only one government of the EU and not to all states. So that actually worsens the issue – one factory (and its owners, workers, local area), subsidised by all states to the benefit of one only.
    Nope, on balance get rid of all subsidies and tariffs.

  2. An awkward question and I don’t have the answer, although I think the assumption is that barriers are all ancient relics that enlightened policy will clear away. What I actually want to know is whether a comment here benefits you more than a comment on your article on the other site. Evidence of traffic and engagement would benefit either site–do you have a preference?

    Tim adds: There I think.

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