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Competition Time!

At The Business. You\’re invited to come up with, if you can, an absurd chain of (a) historical reasoning. My starter for 10 was that Martin Luther caused WWII.

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  1. Not absurd at all: Spot on.

    I think we shall see that most of the problems of the world can be put down to him, Calvin, Thomas Cromwell and, just for the Scots amongst us, John Knox.

  2. Henry VIII caused global warming.
    He broke up the monasteries, distributed the land, thereby creating a farming class.
    These had to make a living from working the soil, not by rents. They eventually created the agricultural revolution.
    This led to the indsutrial revolution by freeing workers to work in factories.
    This led to fossil fuel consumption and inevitably, global warming.
    If only he had produced a son with Katherine of Aragon !!

  3. Ferdiand de Lesseps caused the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
    He built the Suez Canal. It went bankrupt, and was bought by the Bristish government led by Benjamin Disraeli (funded by the Rothschild bank, actually). This meant that the British government controlled Egypt, and used it as the base to attack the Ottoman empire in 1917, drivign up the coast to Palestine and Jerusalem. This led to Balfour and his declaration about a Jewish homeland, and the Manadate from teh League of Nations. This led to the founding of the State of Israel and a series of wars. Superpower involvement led to the eventual occupation of Iraq.
    Would it have been cheaper for merchant ships to have spent 100 years sailing round Africa?

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