To Toynbee

A definition of the verb to toynbee.

To misrepresent reality in pursuit of a political or social goal.

I\’m sure that the assembled multitudes can do better than this?

14 thoughts on “To Toynbee”

  1. Polyknowfuckall

    In political mathematics, a Polyknowfuckall
    is an erroneous expression that is constructed from one or more faked statistics and erroneous constants, using only the operations of taxation, subtraction, extortion, and constant exponents of state force.

  2. AntiCitizenOnePlusOneEqualsThree

    An arrogant, pseudo-mathematical effusion designed to buttress its speaker’s mathematical credentials while promoting a political agenda.


    Computer Climate models are multi-variable recursive functions, which are subject to exponential error via their inherently chaotic behaviour.

  3. Stuart,

    That’s not pseudo maths though, it’s a fact.

    Maybe if you read it slower you can understand why computer climate predictions are a load of bovine excrement.

  4. That’s not pseudo maths though, it’s a fact.

    Well then, as I asked before, please provide a reference for it, defining the exact sense in which you use those technical terms, specifying which models your statement applies to, and outlining your mathematical proof.

    Until you do I think I’ll believe those thousands of scientifically qualified people with their peer review process, rather than a lone Battlestar Galactica fan with some buzzwords.

  5. A “Polly”:
    1. n. Political Science. The unit of agitated, hand-wringing column inches required to motivate one MP to vote for one extra unit of State Intervention.
    2. adj. Massaging of statistics to make broad, economically illiterate conclusions based on small data samples. e.g. That’s a very polly article

  6. pollymath – the absolute opposite of a “polymath”

    (A polymath “having learned much” is a person with encyclopedic, broad, or varied knowledge or learning)

    Alan Douglas

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