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Re the previous post, I went and read a little of Tom Watson\’s blog. A most interesting comment re the speechwriter of Cameron\’s conference piece (oh, come on, you don\’t think he actually wrote it himself do you?):

His hair was supposed to be “crinkly” like a public school boy’s.

Is this something to do with "nappy headed \’ho\’s"? Or public schoolboys eat their crusts? The effects of too many showers after the rugby? What?

4 thoughts on “Tom Watson Blogging”

  1. Site looks fine to me in Firefox . Far be it from me to suggest that you try a decent browser (presuming you’re using IE), but, well, I suggest you might try a decent web browser 😛

  2. I don’t know how other readers react but I’m absolutely astonished at Tom Watson’s fixation with the personal minutiae of David Cameron.

    Hack away at the political opposition by all means. That is what we expect of professional politicians but I thought that what matters is their policies and personal integrity, not whether they have crinkly hair.

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