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Being a southern shandy drinking type I have of course never allowed Vimto to pass my lips. But it does seem to be something of a hit in the Arab world.

A BIZARRE series of advertisements has resulted in record sales of a humble British fruit cordial that has become the Arab world’s most popular drink during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Vimto, a blend of fruit juices, herbs and spices, has long been regarded in the Middle East as an energy-boosting accompaniment to the evening meal after a day of fasting. This year, 11 commercials broadcast on Arab satellite television featuring the British brand have become cult viewing on the YouTube video-sharing website and its equivalent in the region,

I think they do in fact have an extremely good marketing department. In the early 90s the canned, fizzy, version was a huge hit in Russia. Lord alone knows why, but there it is.

4 thoughts on “Vimto!”

  1. Because it’s pretty decent as “lemonades” go. Though nowhere near as good as the splendid L & P (“World famous in New Zealand”).

  2. I have a proposed new advertising slogan for L & P.
    “L & P, the fizzy pop you won’t choke on.” Wotcha fink?

  3. It’s also an anagram of “vomit”. Not that that’s a reason to avoid it – but it maybe helps among non-English speakers.

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