Well Done Sunny

Bobby Jindal\’s got himself elected. Over at Pickled Politics Sunny has this to say:

On Saturday Bobby Jindal became the country’s first Indian-American governor, and that too in the deeply Republican south state of Carolina.

Err, there is no state of "Carolina" in the US. There\’s North Carolina and South Carolina, but no Carolina. He also links to a NYT piece about Jindal:

But he is not a natural fit for Louisiana.

Which actually makes some sense, as Jindal has not been elected Governor of the non-existent state of Carolina but of Louisiana. Which is indeed in the Deep South but is not deeply Republican: the outgoing Governor, one of the two Senators and two of the nine Congressmen are Democrats.

Lucky we\’ve got these journalists out here blogging, showing us how to do the fact checking really, isn\’t it?

5 thoughts on “Well Done Sunny”

  1. At least there’s no spelling problem. Imagine if it had been Massachussse.. Masachusett…Mass…in New England.

  2. I see he has corrected the state but not the Republican bit. Maybe he should read-up on the history of the Dixie Democrats.

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  4. Especially interesting is that the MSM in the states has almost totally ignored Jindal’s election. It was not politically correct for an Indian-American to be elected, especially since he is a Republican in an almost totally Democrat state.

    Louisiana and Illinois appear to be in competetion for the rank of most politically corrupt states. But, Jindal promised to clean that up and approach honesty in LA government.

    The blogs have been carrying the story that the MSM is ignoring.

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