What Facebook Is For

I\’ve wondered you know, tried to work it out, what, exactly, is Facebook for. Now I know. On my newsfeed this morning.

Owen Barder and Brian Barder are now friends.  They found each other using the Friend Finder.

Isn\’t that amazing? A triumph of technology I call it, overcoming human nature (those teenage years are indeed such a strain), that a father can be friends with his son. And even guiding them to each other, so that they could become so!

3 thoughts on “What Facebook Is For”

  1. It is indeed a triumph of technology. Previously we were in a parent-son relationship. Now we’re Facebook Friends. (Thinks: Thanks to Facebook!)

    I’m glad to say, though, that I recognised him immediately.


  2. Genius 🙂

    On a similar weird subject I had a date over to my place last week, and while she was checking her Facebook profile I noticed she’d been ‘poked’ by her dad. That could so easily be taken the wrong way.

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