Why Do People Buy Politicians?

Why, eh?

According to estimates from the CBO, supports for sugar in the House bill could cost taxpayers from $750 million to $850 million over the next five years. The eagerness of members of Congress to please their sugar daddies is not surprising. Campaign donations from the sugar industry have topped $3 million in each of the last four political cycles.

Because they\’re so damn cheap, that\’s why.

50 x (that\’s 50 times, not 50%) return on investment.

Hang them all.


1 thought on “Why Do People Buy Politicians?”

  1. This is why the State should do and spend as little as possible.

    The less it has to spend and the smaller its “footprint” the less scope for advantage in bribery. That, and a limited number of “permits” etc that need greasing in many countries.

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