World Cup Quarter Finals


England Australia: Oz to win I think?

Scotland Argentina. The Pumas.

France New Zealand: the Kiwis.

Fiji South Africa: the Boks.

Unless England do something remarkable (or Chris Patterson dials in a direct line from God) then it\’s going to be all Southern Hemisphere semis. Might not be what we want but it probably does reflect the relative strengths, don\’t you think?

2 thoughts on “World Cup Quarter Finals”

  1. I’m slightly biased, but an England win looks slightly more possible now. I’d give it 10-1 😀

    Be interesting to see if the NH can rebalance things like they did 5 years ago. Seems like an uphill struggle at present, but I live in hope as long as it’s not Scotland or France who improve 😉

  2. A slight bias here too, but England seem to be (with absurd amounts of fortune), the only team with a chance. If France turn over the Kiwis, that would be even more amazing. …..

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