Zimbabwe Land Grabs

You can really rather sum up the entirety of the Zimbabwe disaster in this one paragraph:

But Gen Mujaji insists that he will stay on the farm regardless of the law. "I will only leave Karori if the minister of lands orders me. He is senior to the courts," he told The Daily Telegraph.

When the politicians are above the law disaster will inevitably follow. It\’s one of the scary things about both the UK and the EU at present. Ministers seem to think their decisions are more important than the law and the Commission is happily doing things it has no legal power to do. Of course, neither will lead to the complete impoverishment of us the citizenry, but it\’s the top of the same slippery slope.



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  1. While going for some food in a certain Portugese-based eatery I was surprised to find copies of a newspaper for Zimbabwe.
    One of the inner stories (the outside was daubed with top news on Miss Zimbabwe being involved in some corruption or something) told about how government forces had prevented some locals from killing and devouring a giraffe that had wandered into their locality from the plains nearby. They quoted off hand that the locals were hungry “due to a economic recession”.

    Now thats putting a light spin on it.

    Tim adds: Amazingly, that story actually made the English language press here in Portugal as well. Spooky or what?

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