£ 30 Billion More Pissed Away

Yes, they\’ve done it again. Wasted even more of your and my money.

Suburban Britain has been betrayed by the failure of a £30 billion urban regeneration scheme that was meant to improve inner cities, it has emerged.

Billions of pounds collected from taxpayers in the suburbs over the past decade has been used to pay for projects to improve life in poor areas of large cities. But a report shows that despite the money pumped into these schemes, they have failed to make any difference.

It\’s a fairly large chunk of change, isn\’t it? The response is as anyone would predict:

John Healey, the local government minister, said: "We totally reject these claims. The scale of positive change is clear. However, deep-rooted pockets of deprivation still exist which no one single approach can tackle. We will continue to improve the prosperity of these areas through the £2 billion announced last month through the comprehensive spending review."

Well, yes, of course you will John. It\’s not about actually doing anything effective, it\’s about being seen to be delivering money to your supporters in those inner cities. How are you going to continue to harvest their votes if you\’re not seen to be robbing Peter to pay Paul?

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