A Good Day To Bury Bad News

The miserable fuckers:

On Tuesday, when attention was on the Queen’s Speech, the Government lodged its appeal anyway.

What appeal was that then? The Chagos Islanders\’ case of course.

The legal battle began in earnest in 1998 and, in 2000, they won their first victory when the Divisional Court ruled that the deportations were unlawful and “official zeal in implementing those removal policies went beyond any proper limits”. The Government did not appeal and Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary at the time, agreed that the islanders should be allowed to return to any of the islands except Diego Garcia.

Then came September 11, 2001. The military base of Diego Garcia – with its B52 bombers, surveillance aircraft and support facilities – became a vital launchpad for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is also where top al-Qaeda suspects are allegedly held and interrogated.

In 2004 the Government abruptly issued two Orders in Council, allowing it to bypass Parliament to negate the court ruling. In 2006 the High Court ruled that the Government’s move was unlawful and “repugnant” and, in May this year, the Court of Appeal agreed. It accused the Government of abusing its power: “The freedom to return to one’s homeland, however poor and barren the conditions of life, is one of the most fundamental liberties known to human beings.”

The Lords granted the Government leave to appeal last week, provided that it paid all costs regardless of the outcome. Supporters of the Chagossians begged the Government not to prolong the agony of the islanders. In a letter to The Times a cross-party group of MPs and peers referred to Gordon Brown’s recent speech on liberty and declared: “For the FCO to proceed with a further appeal would waste more public funds, delay justice for the Chagossians and expose the Prime Minister’s words as hollow. Can we please have a return to good sense, justice and British liberties?”

Have you ever come across a better case for post-partum abortion?

Politicians, hang them all.

2 thoughts on “A Good Day To Bury Bad News”

  1. The first a nd biggest shit in this whole sorry and shameful saga was Roy Hattersley, who was the one who originally dispossessed them at the stroke of a pen, deflecting all pleas in the process. My God, it just makes me hate the man even more.

  2. “provided that it paid all costs regardless of the outcome.”

    When will anyone learn that the only way to have any impact on these bastards is to make them liable PERSONALLY.

    i.e. “provided that the relevant department pays the cost if it wins and the individuals responsible for bringing the case pay if it loses.”

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