Hmm. Perhaps this policy of putting boys on drugs simply because they\’re boys, you know, short attention spans, fidgety and so on, might not have been all that wise?

Drugs given to thousands of hyperactive children have no long-term benefits and could in fact be stunting their development, a major study has said.

The study of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) found that, while powerful drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta resulted in short-term behavioural improvements, after three years those benefits had disappeared.

Children who took the drugs for the full three years were also found to have stunted growth, according to the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD (MTA).

The MTA has followed 600 children in the United States with ADHD since the 1990s and has just published its latest findings. Prof William Pelham, co-author, from the University of Buffalo, said: "They weren\’t growing as much as other kids both in terms of their height and their weight.

"There were no beneficial effects – none. In the short run medication will help the child behave better, in the long run it won\’t.

"That information should be made very clear to parents."

I\’m unsure of the situation in the UK but certainly in the US it has been true that it\’s not actually the parents who insist upon the dosing of the children. The schools can and do at times. Happened to the child of a friend of ours. If he\’s not on the drugs he can\’t come to school.

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  1. Letters From A Tory

    Everyone knew these drugs had serious side effects, but rather than focus on the possible causes of ADHD (which are numerous, admittedly) the government went for the dangerous quick-fix solution and put children’s health at serious risk.

    Guess what – it has come back to bite the government. Not that the mainstream media have picked up on it, mind.

  2. The situation in the US is basically unchanged. Pediatricians diagnose ADHD after a report from the school. The schools can then fiddle the numbers to they meet test score requirements.

  3. I was under the impression that ADHD only “existed” in the USA and the UK – where, surprise surpise, there are profitable drugs to “treat” it.

    Elsewhere in the world, fidgety, arsey little sods are given a good belting and told to “sit down and shut up”.

  4. Elsewhere in the world, fidgety, arsey little sods are given a good belting and told to “sit down and shut up”.

    Very true. But this “epidemic” never arose before. And it isn’t something in the Irn Bru. Little lads used to get loads of opportunities to expend their pent-up energies. Soccer, Rugby, hitting eachother, exploring the junkyard, playing knocky-door-ginger, making go-karts out of old prams, and digging up the street looking for buried treasure. How many of our children nowadays don’t even know their way around their home towns? They are never allowed to have adventures, invent things, build things. Why don’t we go all the way and just keep them all in thermostatically controlled cages? No blimmin wonder they aren’t thriving.

  5. So if schools actually received extra funds to “cope” with ADHD-affected children, might that lead them to WANTING more of these children so declared, in order to enhance their income ?

    THAT IS what is happening, certainly in the USA, but I think over here as well.

    ADD and ADHD simply do not exist – they are invented “diseases” which came into existence by shows of hands as psychiatric conventions.

    And “chemical imbalances in the brain” cannot be said to exist if none of the promotors of such can show what the normal brain chemistry consists of, and what these so-called imbalances are.

    The whole area is nothing more than a big phama conspiracy to appropriate taxpayer monies.

    Alan Douglas

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