Ahhh, Maybe This is It?

Perhaps this whole Abrahams and party funding thing has been cooked up?

British party politics is not corrupt. Yet our parties are being forced to sail ever closer to the wind in order to pay for their campaigns. The case for new, fair and copper-bottomed party funding arrangements – which the Queen\’s speech pledged to introduce – grows more urgent by the week.

Paranoia, of course: even though there are, I\’m sure, those who would insist that ditching a party organiser or two, perhaps Mrs. Dromey as well, in order to attatch th politicians\’ lips firmly to the teat of State party funding would be worth it….I can\’t actually bring myself to believe in the competence of anyone in the political process sufficiently for someone to have made it happen.

However, yes, this will increase the pressure for State funding of political parties. To which the response is simple.

They\’ve proved that they are crooks. You want them to have our money as well?

13 thoughts on “Ahhh, Maybe This is It?”

  1. Is it mere coincidence that the three issues currently afflicting Gordon Brown’s government – bailing out Northern Rock, the lost computer disks with the personal data of 25 million taxpayers receiving child benefit and the illegal party donations – all have origins in the North East region?

  2. I love the idea that this is an argument for state party funding. ‘Look we can’t be trusted to raise funds legally, so give us state cash’

    Hey, I can be trusted to earn my living legally, so I shoplift. Give me state cash and I’ll stop.

  3. Let them sail close to the wind and let them go bust. Why do parties need copper-bottomed funding, anyway? If they cannot raise the money then they obviously have no support. What happens to parties with no support? Yes, that’s right, they disappear and others appear. So what?

  4. Political parties are no more being ‘forced’ to ‘sail close to the wind’ to raise funds, than tax evaders are forced to sail close to the wind to fund their extravagant lifestyles. Parties need to cut their advertising budgets to fit the funds available. Welcome to the real world! Oh – and British party politics are corrupt, just not as corrupt as in some other countries, and nothing to pat oneself on the back about.

  5. All this is becoming more and more astonishing.

    Jack Dromey, husband of Harriet Harman the deputy leader of the Labour Party, as well as Labour Party Treasurer, is now being reported in the BBC news as saying that he knew absolutely nothing about the standing arrangements since 2003 for paying (illegal) donations to the Labour Party by proxy, just as he previously knew nothing about any cash-for-honours arrangements in the run up to the 2005 election.

    Surely, this must be pre-release publicity to promote Tony Blair’s forthcoming memoires.

    Sadly, I’ve not read of any BBC plans to re-run or continue its once hugely popular drama serial: Our Friends in the North, but fortunately the original series is now available on DVD:

    For the background and storyline, try this:

  6. Perhaps the missing discs contain the 25 million other false names under which Mr Abrahams has donated to labour. It was no accident…..

  7. The minute they implement that, the minute I’m out of this god forsaken shithole. And I don’t suppose I’d be alone.

    What would happen if everyone working in the private sector left this country? I think that’s where we’re heading! See what the socialist scum make of that when it happens! 🙂

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