Aiding an Exile

So, err, what was this programme then?

It must have been in the mid seventies, 74-77 ish. There was a kid’s drama, it must have been BBC – we were a beeb house, not an ITV house, oh, yes, there was a big difference – and I think it was a series.

It was set in industrial England, the midlands or Manc or somewhere. And something apocolyptic had happened, but it wasn’t obvious… something to do with the electricity… pylons were heavily featured… something in the same vain as the Triffids where nothing really looked different at first, except for the mad blind people all stumbling around the place and a few big pot plants.

And there was a kid who was trying to get home.

And he/she joined a group of Sikhs (at least the men in the group were eastern, bearded and be-turbanned) who were either also trying to get somewhere or trying to leave somewhere and they walked across England trying to get… there. And that’s all I remember now.

3 thoughts on “Aiding an Exile”

  1. Ah, yes, ‘Changes’.

    Back when the BBC produced good children’s drama, rather than the abysmal rubbish that is ‘Robin Hood’…

  2. well and truly solved, thanks folks… I’ve even found 10 minutes of it on youtube, now installed.
    I wept a little tear.

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