Amanda Marcotte

That’s why I’m mostly unable to get on the train with the strange fascination with this woman. Yes, she’s horrendously wrong and pig-headed and possesses a shocking lack of self-awareness, but I’m a softie and I just end up embarrassed for her.

Sadly, no, not a moment of self-realization. She\’s talking about someone else.

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  1. I left a comment on that blog but it got blocked. Amazing woman; she rants about how libertarians want to own people; she forgets that we want to own ourselves, rather than be owned by the state.

    They are losing the philosophical debate, rather sad really.

  2. Johnathan,

    I believe your comment got through.

    Amanda doesn’t forget that people want to own themselves, she just ignores it. It doesn’t fit into her state controlled view of the world. A list of some of the freedoms Amanda wants.

    Freedom of speech, except if you say something that hurts someone else’s feelings. Of course she should be able to say whatever she wants without ramification.

    Freedom to own your own property, unless you own too much.

    Freedom of enjoying the fruits of your labor, unless you earn too much or have too many fruits.

    Freedom from the dominant white, racist, misogynest society of the United States because the Middle Eastern, African and Asian cultures are historically so much more friendly towards women and minorities.

    Freedom from self responsibility. Just because you engage in risky behavior, you shouldn’t have to bear any responsibility for any bad outcomes. All other society members should bail you out.

    Did I miss any?

  3. JCW: You covered the waterfront pretty well, I think. My only caveat being there needs to be some type of weasel-wording in the fourth freedom to allow Marcotte & Co. opt out of all those third world practices they find abhorrent (female circumcision, beheadings, chopping off limbs of criminals, stoning of adulterers, honor killings, forced marriages, caste systems, lynching of homosexuals, to name a few).

  4. “aha, maybe she’s asking for a 99?”

    Heh. I’ll avoid the opening afforded me there to be totally crude… 🙂

  5. My comment got through; all I got in reply was a lot of assertions about how libertarians are liars. The woman is a moron; I won’t be visiting her site again.

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