An Environmental Dictatorship

That does appear to be what is being suggested:

In a nutshell, the point is that to commit at the top level to sustainable development, you need to put on what the Low Carbon Kid (ie me) calls sustainable development spectacles, so everything you see and do is filtered through this way of seeing, which is, of necessity, holistic and all encompassing.

Every single act of government must filter through this lens to avoid inadvertently countering the overall aim.

Ministers cannot do this without special training. Civil servants, who have been in post for years, or who have Oxbridge legal backgrounds, cannot be expected to do it either.

Just hand over the power to me and people who think like me and everything will be OK!

Stunning credentials, don\’t you think?

David Thorpe is a freelance environmental journalist and a news editor for Defra\’s Energy, Resource, Sustainable and Environmental Management magazine.

He runs a blog, The Low Carbon Kid, and won a national competiton as a children\’s author with his novel Hybrids, published last May by HarperCollins.


As an example of his thinking:

Basically economic growth and sustainability are incompatible.

Now that will be a shock to the massed ranks of economists around the globe. That there are certain forms of economic activity which are not sustainable is not a shock: but that economic growth and sustainability are incompatible will be. Doesn\’t he know that technology is one of the drivers of growth?


3 thoughts on “An Environmental Dictatorship”

  1. Your consciousness will be raised; and if you don’t want it to be raised, that just proves how much it needs raising. Once you have been re-educated, you will be much happier.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think he is on to something myself, it is just that a few of the details need to be tweaked. So instead of handing power over to him, all power should be handed over to [i]me[/i]. I promise to solve all the world’s environmental problems by taking a leaf (a fresh, new, green leaf at that) out of Hot Black’s book and have all the Greenies shot. Actually that would upset them. Let’s say disposed of far out to sea where their bodies will sink to the bottom and so remove their carbon dioxide from the biosphere for the next few hundred thousand years. Encased in an old oil rig perhaps.

    Right after I declare Scarlett Johansson Imperial Concubine Number One. Got to get your priorities right after all.

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