An Interesting View

A Labour MP tells us that:

The purpose of the courts is to protect the public.

Personally, I thought the job of the courts was to sort the innocent from the guilty and then to treat each appropriately.

4 thoughts on “An Interesting View”

  1. Well it depends on what he actually means: sorting the innocent from the guilty and treating each accordingly is a fairly important way to protect the public.

  2. Of course, if the public at large can be induced to believe that “the courts” and not the Government or the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service are primarily reponsible for protecting the public, it will be a short step to holding judges responsible for any increase in crime and the record numbers of prisoners held in jails. Nice one.

    Only last year, the then Attorney General was admitting that:

    Conviction rates for serious offences such as wounding and rape are too low.

    According to the British Crime Survey – which ministers have frequently claimed is more dependable than the official data for Recorded Crimes – violent crime in England and Wales was up 5 per cent over the last year:

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