Anyone Fancy a Cottage?

There\’s a couple of cottages down at the end of our road. A couple of kilometres outside Messines (walk in 10 minutes) which is itself a town of about 5,000. There village here is maybe 100 souls. Little pub etc.

The cottages aren\’t all that great. 10 and 25 metres from the main road.

1) A ruin, sound walls but needs new roof and complete redoing of plaster, windows, electrics etc. No garden, but small terrace at back (away from the road).

Price, so I was told in the pub last night, €9,000. At local costs, need perhaps another € 30,000 to turn into a finished 2 bed one recep.

2) A liveable 2 bed cottage. Small garden but this is detatched, across the lane. € 20,000. Would obviously be better if it got the full treatment as above.

No, I haven\’t left a zero out of those numbers.

I\’m pondering one or the other….but I\’m not quite sure what I would actually do with it once finished.

Or, how about people who want a little place in the Algarve and are willing to pay someone to oversee the whole process? Ride the builders, sort out the paperwork and so on? Anyone think there\’s a viable business there?


2 thoughts on “Anyone Fancy a Cottage?”

  1. “A couple of kilometres outside Messines (walk in 10 minutes) “: either you really stride out, Tim, or you are a natural estate agent.

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