Bansturbation at the Supermarket!

Manager at register 3 please! We have a one eyed Scot bansturbating in public!

The plastic bag should disappear from the high street, Gordon Brown has indicated.

The Prime Minister announced that he would like to "eliminate" single-use plastic bags from Britain as well as the flimsy paper equivalent.

Disgusting when people do such ugly things in public, ain\’t it?

Mr Brown\’s proposal goes against the advice of the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the Government\’s own advisers, which warned that a bag tax in Ireland led to the use of more plastic.

So it\’s not actually effective either? Oh, well done there, well done!


7 thoughts on “Bansturbation at the Supermarket!”

  1. You can either use oil as fuel, or turn it into plastic bags, and then use them as fuel in waste incineration.

    So by inserting the interim step of plastic bags, we get double the benefit for each unit of oil.

  2. “Just as clearly, there are obviously no viable substitutes for one-use plastic bags.”

    Oh, sure – there are a few. But can you get people to use them…?

    What’s that you say? ‘The people will do as they are forced to, for their own good..? ‘

    We’ll see about about that… 🙂

  3. sanbikinoraion:
    Surely the added utility is worth it though.

    And what am I going to do for small bin liners now? Spend more of my income on specialised ones which don’t have the added benefit of being able to carry my shopping home in? Great.

    Actually, encouraging people to reuse bags for that would be great, its led to piles of plastic bags at home, and we’re fed up with them so we’re using up our current supply before getting more – taking other bags to the supermarket when we can.

  4. Actually, it’s treble the benefit.

    You carry your shopping home in them, then you use them as bin liners (saves time and stops your dustbin getting smelly) and then they get burned, along with what was in them, generating a fair bit of electricty and reducing need for landfill.

  5. Tristan, all I was really trying to point out was that I thought Mark was being a bit silly in so rigidly quantifying his analysis. Converting oil into plastic bags is not energy-free by any means, and there’s nothing to say that the intermediate step of plastic-bagginating oil is a net benefit, if the production and distribution process is very energy consuming.

  6. there’s nothing to say that the intermediate step of plastic-bagginating oil is a net benefit

    For a unit of oil, you can drive so many hundred yards in your car, generate so many kWh of electricity, manufacture so many plastic bags. Who’s to say which of these is of the highest benefit? Not me for sure, but I suspect that ‘the markets’ might sort it out.

    That said, I lived in Germany from 1984 to 1993 and they more or less phased out plastic bags in that time. Everybody just had a few cheap cloth bags (shops would sell them cheap or give them away because the bag had the shop’s name on, so it was free advertising) that they took to the supermarket, and that worked fine as well. And plastic bags went out of fashion – they were slightly frowned upon. And fashion dictates demand. And demand is half of the free-market equation.

    BTW, the best bags were the ones with the shoulder straps.

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