Blogger Down!

We appear to have a UK based blogger who can do with a little bit of help. A graduate medical student who is about to get thrown off her medical course for lack of money.

Who she is and why this situation has arisen I don\’t know. But, Billsticker does know her and says that this is all kosher and that\’s good enough for me.

The blog of Merys is here.

So, as much as it pains me to do so… I\’m asking for your help. I know I\’m not a charity case, but I\’ve come too far to give up now.

The access to learning fund has rejected me, along with my university hardship fund. The bank won\’t give me a career development loan, so basically I\’m screwed.

Now I agree that someone who is, by any world standard, rich, is not the most urgent call on your limited charitable funds, so do make up your own mind as to whether you\’d like to toss the odd pound or two her way. She has PayPal enabled for your convenience if you should decide to do so.

Despite that suspiciously Welsh sounding name I\’ve done so: but then as the capitalist bastard that I am I can afford to do so, can\’t I?

Up to you.


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