Britain\’s Most Influential Reviewer

So, 5,000 Amazon reviews and counting.

Mr Harris, whose hobbies include train spotting,

Sort of a codeword there, don\’t you think, a phrase to alert us to something?

"I suppose people might see me as a geek," he said.

No, no, not at all!

1 thought on “Britain\’s Most Influential Reviewer”

  1. It says he’s not paid for being a “full-time” reviewer, because Amazon don’t pay for submissions. But he is paid — by us: “As he is on benefits he prefers to buy older recordings”.

    Not that I suppose you mind this, Tim, being a supporter of the idea of a minimum salary paid to everyone, but clearly he has decided that the money he gets from the State is a fair exchange for the opportunity to be a full-time reviewer.

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