Bwahahaha..Hiccup, Gurgle, Snort, ahee hee hee….

Excellent work boys!

The taxman could face another investigation after it emerged that the confidential details of parents, included on letters to apologise for the lost discs fiasco, have been sent to old addresses.

HM Revenue and Customs sent out letters with national insurance and child benefit numbers printed on the top and many have been dropping through the wrong letter boxes, raising new fears of a security breach.

One mother is reported to have been posted the codes of seven strangers, along with a letter apologising for breaching her own privacy. The details can be used by identity thieves to open bank accounts or claim benefits.

"Dear Mrs. Miggins. We\’re very sorry we lost your personal records. To make up for this we\’re sending them again through the post so that those identity thieves not bright enough to buy them off the Russian internet sites have another chance to steal them. Got to bridge the digital divide, don\’t you know?"

Well done lads! Please, carry on! You\’ll destroy trust in the competence of the State for a generation. .

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  1. View from the Solent

    ‘You’ll destroy trust in the competence of the State for a generation. .’

    Hmmm, a somewhat dubious assumption on your part, Tim.

  2. “Scandals emanate from the North East”

    According to a report in today’s Guardian, relief from the over-hanging threat is imminent:

    “Orgreave, South Yorkshire, the infamous site of violent confrontation between picketing miners and the police during the Thatcher years, is to be the home of a revolutionary new ‘government office campus’ under a £140m scheme outlined yesterday by UK Coal and property development group, Helical Bar. . . there were ‘huge savings’ to be achieved by public sector organisations and their private sector suppliers ‘clustering on campus-style sites where they can share services and present a joined-up approach to the general public’.”

  3. The North East is also the region with the highest public spending in England, and it is the only English region that does not have a UKIP MEP.

    Although for these purposes, Yorks & Humber is a different region to “North East”.

  4. One of the factors to look into is education standards IMO.

    Contrary to popular political mythology, correlations between education standards and public spending on schooling or the affluence of the residents in local education authorities (LEAs) is NOT high. Some LEAs which rate only moderately well in the LEA league table are big spenders on schooling – Lambeth is an example.

    I happen to live in the London Borough of Sutton which has a cluster of outstanding maintained selective schools – of which no less than five feature in the top 40 (forty) state secondary schools in England according to this recent league table from The Sunday Times:

    The continuing consequence is that the London Borough of Sutton rates at the top or close to the top of the regular annual league table of LEAs because the effect of the outstanding selective schools is to boost the AVERAGE attainment across all Sutton schools in the school leaving exams:

  5. There is a regular myth that Sutton is unusually affluent. It isn’t. Data on household income distributions in the London boroughs, posted on the official website of the London Councils, shows that the parameters for income distribution in Sutton are very close to the AVERAGE for all London councils – namely, 21% of Sutton households have a household income less than £15k (compared with 22% for London); 53% have a household income less than £30k (53% for London); and 85% have a household income less than £60k (85% for London).

    By these official DfES statistics, the percentage of Sutton residents with graduate (level 4) qualifications is above the average for England but below the average for London:

  6. How does all this relate to the proposal for a Civil Service Park at Orgreave – which is in Rotherham, close to its boundary with Sheffield?

    One of my pet theories is about Labour heartland councils maintaining poor standards of schooling to ensure entrenched Labour control of local councils on the formula:

    poor schooling -> uncertain job prospects for school leavers -> vote Labour.

    Test that with part of the league table for primary schools in England for 2006 showing the 197 primary schools with the poorest Key Stage 2 national curriculum test results in England, with the worst at the top:

    What strikes me as extraordinary is the numbers of primary schools on that list from Sheffield and Rotherham (as well as Leicester) compared with the sparse representation of primary schools in, say, Liverpool, or West and North Yorkshire or Newcastle, none of which are especially affluent LEAs.

    Several questions arise, one is about how many London-based civil servants with young children would want to relocated to Orgreave? Perhaps that is the motivation.

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