Changing the Rape Law

One solution would be for specialist jurors to be brought in to try rape cases – people who won\’t assume that rape only happens between strangers.

Ouch! No, no, no!

For who would actually become these specialists? Sadly, only those with an axe to grind on one side or another of the argument. It would, by definition, no longer be an impartial jury.

1 thought on “Changing the Rape Law”

  1. Oh, my sweet Jesus….You can see the queue forming now, cant you.
    “And please tell the court why you think you would make a good professional juror in this case Ms Batshit-Crazy”
    ” Well, I think all men are bastards and I’m sure no woman would ever lie or use the courts for personal revenge or try for a windfall at some males expense”
    “Take youre place please”

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