But that has been the story of post-colonial Africa and, although this week\’s obituaries will largely dismiss Smith as a colonial caricature, a novelty politician from another age, if you were to go to Harare today and ask ordinary black Zimbabweans who they would rather have as their leader – Smith or Mugabe – the answer would be almost unanimous. And it would not be Mugabe.

Who could argue with that?

2 thoughts on “Clearly”

  1. True enough, though there is the argument that had Smith helped with a transition to majority rule there wouldn’t have been the guerilla war. Guerilla fighters make poor political leaders. Therefore the problem of Mugabe can in some ways be lain at Smith’s door.

  2. Makes good sense – you hand over a pretty viable economy with the population in fairly good shape and twenty five years later they blame you for ……….what exactly? Rigging the elections, driving off farmers, starving your people, killing your opposition? No, for not executing Mugabe while you had a chance, maybe?

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