Could Be.

I have an entirely facetious pet theory that arranged marriages are so common in the Islamic world because, without booze, nobody can ever pull

3 thoughts on “Could Be.”

  1. I was saying only yesterday that given the state of most men native to the Middle East in both their appearance and attitudes, it is hardly suprising that arranged marriages are the norm.

  2. I actually had a corrollary theory myself. That without booze, English people, particularly from the South of England, would never expand the gene pool, because they are incapable of speaking to people they’ve never been introduced to sober.

    No offense intended, just an observation.

  3. Whenever you intervene to stop nature taking its normal course, you have to substitute some far inferior human agency. Hence the forced marriage.
    The islamic world has more than half a billion men with straggly hair, fetid unkempt beards, pretty embroidered bonnets, and long white nighties. (They actually have to hold hands with one another. It’s that bad. ) It also has another half a billion folk hiding under blackout curtains, purporting to be women. And they can’t all be lying. First half knows nothing about the other half, and the second half would rather not know anything about the first half. And periodically they all get horse-whipped by an evil toothless old git.
    Are you still with me so far?
    Well the answer is clear. Put the wimminfolk into the silly little hats and white nighties, hide the menfolk under the blackout curtains for maximum allure, and horsewhip the old git. Then horsewhip the old git. Then horsewhip….

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