A competition in Australia:

The Australian Fabians are running a young writers’ competition, for those aged 18-28. First prize is a trip to London, to work in the think tank Demos for a month. Second prize is two months working for Demos in London.

Seriously though:

Spend a month with the UK’s leading think tank

Demos? Leading? Think tank even? Aren\’t these the people that fired Madeleine Bunting because she was too sane?

4 thoughts on “Demos”

  1. Good to see that your scepticism about recycling doesn’t apply to old jokes, but the second prize is actually an internship in *Australia*.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I find it hard to believe anyone sacked Ms Bunting because she was too sane. Indeed I have heard various rumours of reasons, but none of them are printable here.

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