Enoch Was Right!

I\’m still really rather amazed about this scandal over Enoch Powell:

Nigel Hastilow, Conservative candidate in a Midlands marginal, wrote in a newspaper in Wolverhampton (where Powell was MP when he made his infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968) that most local people think immigration is our biggest problem, and that “Enoch was right” to say mass immigration would change Britain “irrevocably”.

Because of course this is entirely true. Mass immigration did change Britain irrevocably. As did the invention of the telephone, the seed drill and as the internet currently is. That is simply a complete no brainer.

The rather more complex question is whether all four changed Britain for the better: I happen to think so, yes, but that\’s a rather different matter. That the change was predicted and that the change has happened are simply facts, facts that cannot be argued with. So why the lynch mob?

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  1. But you know why – Enoch Powell on this topic is very controversial – he was in favour of a Ministry for Repatriation, after all (voluntary, as these things always are). So although I think the term is over-used, this is the classic dog-whistle.

  2. “The rather more complex question is whether all four changed Britain for the better: I happen to think so, yes, but that’s a rather different matter.”

    From an economic point of view, I agree with you.

    But Powell was not referring to economics, he was concerned with the racial tension being created and the forced dismemberment of native society.

    His speech seems to be more and more remembered, particularly starting from the Brixton, Moss Side and Toxteth riots of the early 1980s, up to riots in Bradford in 2001 and the 7/7 attacks in 2005.

    Powell’s challenge was to the unfettered multiculturalism endemic in the government of the day, which still persists even when the chairman of the CRE has become a critic, stating we are “sleepwalking towards segregation”.

    In that sense I don’t really see a connection with the telephone, the seed drill, or the internet.

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  4. With reference to the rivers of blood speech, a few questions:
    1. Enoch Powell was warning of unfettered immigration, have the intervening years proved him wrong??
    2. What would one call the 7/7 atroctity but shedding rivers of blood?
    3. Which ethnic minority caused 7/7? One of those being warned about!
    4. Which extremists in that minority wishes Britain to adopt religious law, and to make exceptions for their way of life whilst holding ours in disdain?

    Enoch Powell in his flowery way, was warning against all the above types of thing. Beacuse he was right, how does that make his remarks racist??

  5. Should Nigel Hastilow remain loyal to the Conservative Party that sacked him as its Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for saying “Enoch was right”?

    Vote at


    Nigel Hastilow says he wants to do nothing to harm the Conservative Party of which he is still a member and confirms that he wants a Conservative government.

    What is the point of remaining loyal to a Party led by a leader infamous for his lack of policies and principles, who predictably had him sacked the moment he voiced the genuine concerns of his prospective constituents?

    Does this mean he lacks the qualities to be either a career politician (because he spoke the truth) or a conviction politician (because he apologised for speaking the truth)?

    Did he BLUNDER into this controversy without a strategy?

    Is it good riddance to someone who will only enrage his masters for not toeing the party line and disappoint his constituents for not sticking to his guns?


    “Nigel Hastilow, forced to quit as a Conservative candidate in the Black Country after endorsing Enoch Powell’s views on immigration has insisted – “I’m no racist.” But in his only full-length, unedited interview since the controversy broke, he admitted to Stirrer TV it was a mistake to use Powell’s name to support his argument.

    Looking weary after days of being hounded by the media, Hastilow explained that he has no issue with anyone’s skin colour, religion, or heritage – what concerns him is the growing population of the country and the infrastructure needed to sustain it.

    He also launched a broadside against the welfare state, which sustains 1.7 million unemployed even though (as thousands of Poles have discovered) there are clearly jobs available.

    Although he has been courted by UKIP and the BNP and encouraged to stand as an independent, Hastilow said that he was still a Conservative member and would do nothing to hurt the party.”

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