Friday Music Competition

What is the connection between this absolutely stunning piece of political propaganda*:


And this pop classic:

??? *No, not an endorsement of the point being made, nor a rejection of it. But you\’ve got to admit it\’s a bloody good way to make the point.

3 thoughts on “Friday Music Competition”

  1. Tim,
    The surge has worked – check out the death levels from Sept. ‘o7 onwards. In fact, the US and Iraqi governments are planning to keep about 50,000 US in Iraq, in permanent bases.

  2. ^^^Maybe so-just not sure what point is being made by the flag over Arlington: honor or leave?
    As for Jackson’s cover of “Stay”-nice play on the question. But I prefer the ’61 original version.

    Tim adds: Just to make clear: it’s not a political connection between them, it’s a musical one. This is, very simply, a test of people’s musical geekiness. That’s all, no political point intended to be made (not by me, anyway. Clearly the America the Beautiful is trying to make one).

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