I see from Benedict Brogan\’s blog that a new (ish) acronym is out there:

goat – Government Of All the Talents

Lord Malloch Brown (if he actually had any talent beyond self-puffery) is therefore to be described as a goat.

However, the colonial cousins have also adopted a caprician phrase to describe a certain political act.

Y\’know, I\’d like to make it clear that I\’m not alleging that Mickey Kaus actually blows goats.

My only criticism here is that Mickey\’s non-denial denial is lousy politics. If Mickey is blowing goats, his response won\’t do anything to quell the rumors. And if he isn\’t blowing goats, his refusal to categorically deny the rumors won\’t make the controversy go away.

Goatblowing: can we please make sure that the US and English usages do not meet? There\’s many things I\’d like to do to Lord M B but that really isn\’t one of them.


1 thought on “Goatblowing”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well America has given us the Chupacabra – the goat sucker. It goes around in the dark drinking the blood of poor innocent goats. Somehow I can see Prescott without thinking of him sucking goats. Blood that is.

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