Going to the Rugger

Bob Piper\’s got an interesting story.

Well, whaddaya know? Davy and his pals all went to the rugger final too… by private jet, provided by that bloke who doesn\’t know where he lives.

I seem to remember that someone else was at the same match as well.

Davy and his pals went on private money. El Gordo went on the taxpayers\’ shilling.

Which would you prefer? That if a politician wishes to attend a rugby match that someone else pays for it or that you do?

7 thoughts on “Going to the Rugger”

  1. The worse bit of the night for me was the sight of El Gordo consoling the England players and barely hiding his smirk.

  2. Of course, one was the Prime Minister representing the nation… the other was a freeloader taking a bung from his mate. No difference their I suppose.

    Tim adds: Odd. Didn’t know we had an English Prime Minister now.

    And yes, I dop prefer that people take a bung from their mates to taking my money as if as of right.

  3. Didn’t know we had a UK rugby team? Where do they play and who is their prime minister?

    Tim adds: No Bob, didn’t know we did have a UK rugby team. I’ve heard of the Lions, of course, but that’s UK and Eire.

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