Good News Folks! We\’re Leaving!

Quite excellent news today then. We\’re going to be leaving the EU if Gordon Brown has his way.

The report cautioned: “The prosecution and conviction for the expression of non-violent opinions under certain provisions of the Turkish criminal code are a cause of serious concern. The number of persons almost doubled in 2006 compared with 2005 and there was a further increase in 2007. The Turkish legal system does not fully guarantee freedom of expression in line with European standards.”

Mr Rehn added: “It is not acceptable that writers, journalists, academics and other intellectuals . . . are prosecuted for simply expressing a critical but completely non-violent opinion.

If you don\’t have freedom of speech you can\’t be in the European Union. OK, seems fair enough.

Freedom of expression is in trouble too – possession of "extreme" pornography not covered by the Obscene Publications Act will be a crime. And freedom of speech gets another kicking, with a new crime for inciting hatred against gays, lesbians, the transgendered, and disabled people. Not that I\’m in favour of hating anyone, of course, but people should be free to express their opinions, repugnant or not.

As El Gordo wants us to not have freedom of speech, ergo, we have to leave the EU. A high price to pay, I know, but there it is, that\’s what ought to happen.

2 thoughts on “Good News Folks! We\’re Leaving!”

  1. Ah, but you are forgetting that some discrimination and erosion of liberties is good, so long as it is state sanctioned, because the state has a monopoly on virtue don’t you know!!!

  2. We’re on the inside though, that means anything we do is good. Its just those dirty foreigners and those outside the EU who have to watch out.

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