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Truth telling as ever.

It\’s an apocalyptic view of the future, a stark warning to Spain of what the country could look like if action is not taken to reduce the effects of climate change.

The warning comes in a book, Photoclima, launched this week by Greenpeace in which images of some of Spain\’s most emblematic places have been altered to show what they could look like in the future.


Perhaps the most dramatic image is that of La Manga de Mar Menor in Murcia, where hotels and apartment blocks abut the Mediterranean. In a few decades, according to Greenpeace, most of this will be underwater.

Really? A few decades? We\’re talking, what, 5 -10 cm rise in (to be generous) the next 40-50 years? That\’s enough to put the place underwater?

According to the group\’s director in Spain, Juan López de Uralde, the intention was not to use "scientific rigour" but to "create alarm and a call to action".

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. I hadn\’t realised that you would admit that you were lying.

4 thoughts on “Greenpeace”

  1. Why not report on Greenpeace NOT lying, that would be far more momentous news. It’s not something they do very often you see.

  2. Makes no diff whatever. Whenever it can be seen that the feared hasn’t actually happened, they’ll be there to take credit for that.

    Reminds of the old “elephant joke.”

    A man is posting signs on his property, “Beware of the elephants!” A kid says to him, “Mister, there ain’t no elephants in these parts.” To which the guy replies, “Works pretty good, don’t it?”

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