Helena Wolinska

Interesting don\’t you think?

Helena Wolinska, 88, a former Polish prosecutor who has lived in England since 1972, is accused of fabricating evidence against Gen Emil Fieldorf, a member of the Polish resistance during the Second World War.

Mrs Wolinska, well known in the cosy academic circles of north Oxford, is said in her former guise as a Soviet magistrate to have masterminded his wrongful arrest and execution in 1953.

Since the overthrow of the communist regime, Gen Fieldorf has been posthumously pardoned and the authorities are chasing those responsible for the alleged miscarriage of justice.

Do we hound those who supported the leftist or Stalinist dictatorships to their graves as we do the fascist ones? Or don\’t we?

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  1. Victor Gallancz refused the option of publishing George Orwell’s Animal Farm in 1945 because it insulted our heroic Soviet allies. Many folk haven’t registered that the Soviet Union signed a Friendship Treaty with Nazi Germany on 28 September 1939 when Britain and France were already at war with Germany – see Norman Davies: Europe (OUP, 1996) p.1000.

  2. I think she was military prosecutor not simply a magistrate. There are other names on her conscience.

    I rather think Gollancz did not publish “Homage to Catalonia” either because it showed up the Communists’ behaviour in the Spanish Civil War.

  3. Persistently going on about Nazi atrocities was the tactic regularly used in Soviet propaganda to divert attention from Soviet atrocities. Estimates of the fatalities caused by the manufactured famine in the Ukraine during 1932/3 range from a low of about 4 millions up to about 10 millions:

    For decades, Soviet propaganda claimed the Nazis were responsible for the Katyn massacre in 1940 until Gorbachev finally admitted the truth:

  4. If she didn’t do it the poor woman deserves to see her name cleared, and only a court can do that.

    If she did do it, then hang the bitch.

    Either way, what has her age got to do with it?

  5. What is a hardened Polish communist been doing in the UK since the seventies?

    She didn’t seek to, um, escape, did she?

  6. She and her husband left after the last “pogrom” when the Polish Party and government turned on the remaining Jews. Incidentally, her husband was a fine specimen, too. He led the vicious personal attacks and bullying on the non-Communist economists during the so-called debates in the late forties. By the time the secret police got to the “bourgeois” economists they had been completely demoralized mentally. The police then had a relatively easy time, finishing the business.

  7. Helena Wolinska should be charged with murder of innocent people. The Nuremberg trials were meant to bring to justice those responsible for the human genocide. Likewise Wolinska used to condemn to death people whose only fought was that they fought the Nazis and they did not accept the Soviet rule in Poland.
    Wolinska accepted the rule because the Stalinists gave her the power in Poland. She also hated Polish patriots and she still does. Many people forget that communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin. Therefore she is just a representative of a totalitarian regime that killed millions of people.
    Mrs Wolinska uses her Jewishness as a defence argument, which is rather conspicuous. This argument is supposed to suggest she had a right to kill Polish heros fighting against the Nazi terror in Poland…
    It is a tragic joke. In my opinion her past of a murdurer and a Stalinist only confirms her hatred of free Poland, of Polish patriots and of Polish culture.
    If she accuses the Poles of anti-semitism, I for that matter can accuse her of anti-polonism.
    She should be summoned to court.

  8. The problem is, that defence argument of someone’s Jewishness is also used by Israeli Government. The Poles strived for 8 years for extradition of another Stalinist’ criminal. Eventually, the Israeli Ministry of Justice answered “no” and justified decision its decision, writing than “Mr Salomon Morel was a v i c t i m of >>Polish antisemitism

  9. Dear Michal,

    It is interesting, I had no idea this was the case. However, it is not Israel that decides about Wolinska’s case, even though – who knows – they might want to influence the decision about her extradiction by forming some kind of a lobby, or by using the press.
    For me the most mysterious question is why Wolinska hated the Home Army soldiers so much if all they did was fighting the Nazis – the very Nazis who carried out the final solution against the Jews.
    General Fieldorf was a hero. He was the one who ordered the execution of the most brutal Nazi criminals in wartime Warsaw, like e.g. Kutchera – the gestapo boss famous for his tortures & executions .
    Wolinska signed his death warrant.
    I am sure she just hates Polish freedom & she would gladly see all the Poles enslaved by the Soviets. She hated pople like Fieldorf becuase they fought for the freedom of Poland and the Poles. She cannot stand it.
    She is a pathetic person and the argument about her Jewishness is a farce.
    Did Fieldorf torture her, or killed the Jews? No. On the contrary; the Home Army formed the only fully organised underground state in occupied Europe. One of the institutions they created was ‘Zegota’ the aim of which was to help Jews providing them with false ‘kencards’ or with shelter.
    Because they really were morally intact, Wolinska decided to kill them after the war. She killed ( because the death warrant was a murder) at least 50 Home Army officers. One of them was ge. Fieldorf. That is why Stalin raised her to the rank of a general.

    I am sorry but the fact she was Jewish is no argument at all. Even a child can see that.
    It is true she was a Jewish Stalinist who craved for power and got it from Stalin himself because he knew how bloodthirsty were pople like her and realised she would be all keen on killing the Home Army officers. She was a Stalin’s servile servant – that’s all. Her Jewishness is merely an ebarassment to the Jews in general, especially to those Jews who have class and who contributed the the Polish culture in a truly ethical way.
    She is a farce.
    I don’t think she should be hanged, like gen. Fieldorf . We don’t even know if he has any grave. Problably not. The Home Army officers’ corpses were thrown into latrine pits by the NKWD. I DON’T WANT TO LOWER MYSELF TO HER LEVEL AND DEMAND THE SAME FOR HER. But she should have a trial. That’s all.

  10. ProBarbara Pierscionek

    As a relative of one of Wolinska’s victims (she is responsible for the torture and death of my uncle), the pain of her hatred and racism against Poland lives on in our hearts and minds. Of course she needs to face a criminal court but we are not expecting any help in finding justice from the British who have given her sanctuary all these years. My only comfort is that my uncle died an innocent victim of a heinous crime against Poles, for our family he is a martyr; the perpetrator either lives with the guilt of her crimes or she lives with no conscience at all. Either way, I pity her.

  11. There were countless Wolinska’s who were never brought to justice. In fact, many of them enjoy comfortable retirement at the expense of Polish taxpayers to this very day. If you would like to learn more about Victims of “people” like Wolinska and her comrades, please take a peek at our website.

    Best, Robert

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