How Many Shags Have You Had Miss?

Or rather, when did you start shagging and when did you start shagging your current bloke?


That\’s actually a serious suggestion for a question to be added to the next census. By, well, yes, of course, Brussels.

Can we leave yet?


6 thoughts on “How Many Shags Have You Had Miss?”

  1. It’s a lot less worse that our census is going to be. But in any case, since I lie (I put down “Asian” when I’m completely white, on the basis that ethnicity is now deemed to be self-defined anyway) where I can’t be disproved, I don’t care what questions they ask – they aren’t getting anything they don’t already know anyway.

  2. It is a misunderstanding of what “consensual union” means – which is a PC way of asking when the household got together.

    The question is voluntary for each government.

  3. Whatever ‘consensual union’ specifically means, I’m kind of baffled as to what it’s got to do with these people anyway.

  4. “How do you know, anyway?”

    Because the proposals have been out for “consultation”. They are running tests on the proposed census right now.

  5. Richard dr is correct, it seems however when pressed in Committee the Commission official accepted that the question should not have been there as it was intrusive.

    The problem is when pc speak is put before the public, as it would be in the event of these questions being asked they will not be understood. If they desire to be understood by the public they must be comprehensible to them. At its best the question still asks when was your first live in lover.

    Rather splendidly from a pointy-headed statistition perspective it makes sense to only ask women, as men are regarded as feckless, skipping from bedroom to bedroom as the fancy suits them.

    FYI. The questions were thrown out in the Committee vote today and because of the actions of the UKIP MEP we have a statement from the Commission on record stating that they will not be reintroduced at a later date.

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