Interesting Political Party

Unfortunately, you can\’t vote fo them as they\’re in Australia:

It is not moral to give away other people\’s money.

The LDP doesn’t believe that the government should have any role in regulating, controlling or monitoring our love lives.

Adults should be free to control their own sex lives without the coercive interference of the government or any other group.

Raising a child is the job of parents, not the government.

The LDP supports free choice for adults.

The LDP believes that each individual should be allowed to discriminate using their own property, but should not be able to use to the government to discriminate against any group.

And a lovely answer:

What would your Party do to safeguard family time?


Honest politicians, eh? Who would have thought it possible?

2 thoughts on “Interesting Political Party”

  1. Here’s some silver lining for your libetarian cloud, Mr Worstall- from Martin Waller’s column in Today’s Times:

    “This is, I think, known as the Law of Unintended Consequences. According to the drinks trade paper the Morning Advertiser, quoting agencies specialising in such staff, pubs are increasingly attempting to increase custom hit by the smoking ban by hiring strippers.”

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