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Jackie Ashley and Economics

Slightly sad that one of the country\’s leading commentators misses such an obvious point:

Sport and culture shouldn\’t be vying for funds.

Sigh. We have unlimited desires and we have limited resources. Thus, whether we are talking about tax money or private spending, different things are, have been and always will be, vying for funds.

5 thoughts on “Jackie Ashley and Economics”

  1. Any sentence with the word “should” or “shouldn’t” in it is automatically suspect, unless it is used in the sense of ‘is likely to’ or ‘the law says you must’. It’s that simple. “Shouldn’t” is being used here as a euphemism for “I don’t want”.

  2. I think he’s correct. Sport and culture shouldn’t be vying for (public) funds because neither of them should be getting any.

  3. Mark,
    I’ll clock that one up for “general rules”, along with the 10 word, 3 question policy benefit rebuttal:

    1. at what cost?
    2. compared to what?
    3. How do you know?

  4. Exactly, Ian: were I to become benevolent dictator of the UK, practically the first thing I would do is send a detachment of Royal Engineers to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in order to demolish it. The Arts Council would be immediately defunded by proclamation.

  5. Closely followed, I trust, by the Film Council, the Olympic Delivery Authority, Partnerships UK, the Horserace Betting Levy Board and the rest of the pointless sinks of public money.

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