Labour and Newcastle

There\’s been earlier problems for Labour in Newcastle you know.

Gordon Brown has been plunged into a damaging sleaze row as the party donations scandal threatened to engulf two Cabinet ministers.

Political donations in return for planning permissions (allegedly)?

Anyone remember T Dan Smith? John Poulson?

One of the echoes of this current scandal is that the father of David Abrahams, Bernie Abrahams, would certainly have known at least the former.

No, not massively important, just interesting.


4 thoughts on “Labour and Newcastle”

  1. To give Labour credit, they have sleased, if that’s a word, all over the country. It is only fair that they have been extra sleazy is the few areas that still would vote Labour.

  2. “There’s been”?

    Tim adds: Quite. There’ve been or there’s been an earlier.

    I’ll go and stand on Ms. Truss’ naughty step, shall I?

  3. If this does rise to the level of the Poulson scandal then the fallout will be immense and long-lasting. I remember in Bradford in the late 90’s that Poulson was still a boo-word. It almost indelibly marked the reputation of Labour in local government for a generation.

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