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Most amusing really. We\’re told all about things we must avoid in order to beat the "rising cancer rates".

No more than two units of alcohol a day for men, ie, one pint of weakish beer. One pound of red meat a week, tops. Wholegrains and beans at every meal. No bacon, ham, salami, ever.

Difficult to reconcile this with the fact that with alcohol, just as an example, you need to consume 63 units of alcohol a wek to get to the same health risks as teetotallers.

Further, it\’s very difficult to reconcile this with hte fact that we don\’t actually have "rising cancer rates". What we have is increasing life spans, meaning that we\’re not all dying of things other than cancer and are staying alive long enough to get it. Age adjusted cancer rates (which are the true measure) are falling.

Sorry, this study does not compute.

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  1. Quite.
    My mother and aunts died at 87, 95, 99 and 92. My uncle at 95. All were brought up on the farm with untreated milk butter and cheese, pork, beef and Mutton plus sausage lard and dripping.
    None got cancer, ever.

    I will take a lot of convincing these studies are anything more than statistical manipulations devoid of causal chains.

  2. It looks like this was a bit of fashionable meta-analysis voodoo. Take a pile of studies with no statistical significant results and combine them. As if by magic, a statistical significant result emerges.
    They really need to get real statisticians to validate this type of research but then they would not get the result they want.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Yet again they prove that a field of “science” stuffed full of misandrothropes, hate-filled do-gooders, vegans and quacks will only produce manure.

    Hanging’s too good for them.

    Why doesn’t someone ask them about the Greek rate of lung cancer? Or the French rate of heart disease? I mean, let’s not even bother to ask if they have confused being poor with being prone to cancer. You may as well claim that passive tatoos cause cancer. Deaths too good for them. They ought to be forced on to some desert island and made to watch everyone else have a good time for the rest of their lives. It’d kill ’em.

  4. “All medical research is rubbish” is a much better approximation to the truth than almost all medical research.

  5. It would be interesting if someone could find out what the cancer rate was among Royal Navy sailors in the past. After all, they had their mandated daily grog/beer by the gallon, and beef, mutton, etc by the pound…

    …of course, if no raised rate of cancer is found, that’ll be because it was organic. Obviously.

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