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Looks Like That Worked Then

The privatisation of rail:

It adds: “Demand for rail services has increased by nearly 45 per cent between 1996-97 and 2006-07. Last year alone total passenger demand increased by more than 8 per cent. The rapid growth appears to be continuing into 2007-08.”

Result, eh?

8 thoughts on “Looks Like That Worked Then”

  1. Or the results of gross mismanagement of the alternatives, being road and air? Which given that those remain essentially under government control (landing slots, transport to and capacity for air; road building and pricing), must be given a chance to flower.

  2. Do we know how much rail would have grown if it had been kept in the public sector? Also, you speak of “demand”. Is this demand actually being serviced?

    Also, question (to which I honestly don’t know the answer to): are the apparently highly successful railways of eg. France, Switzerland and Japan run by private or public entities?

  3. France and Switzerland are public and heavily subsidized – not my definition of successful.
    Japan is private and mostly profitable.

  4. @Kit – maybe not your definition of successful, but whose railways would you rather travel on – ours or the French/Swiss?

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