Mainstream Minerals Corporation

Just a minor point for Mr. Google and anyone who might have received the press release from Mainstream Minerals Corporation:

New 40 ft intersection with a grade of 13.54 g/t Gallium (Ga), 21.50 g/t Scandium (Sc), 12.98 g/t Rubidium (Rb), 20.27 g/t Cerium (Ce), 8.25 g/t Lanthanum (La), 12.03 g/t Yttrium (Y), 1.83 g/t Ytterbium (Yb), 3.23 g/t Selenium (Se), 6.76 g/t Lithium (Li), 3.58 g/t Cadmium (Cd), 4.28 g/t Niobium (Nb), 2.25 g/t Hafnium (Hf), 38.57 g/t Cobalt (Co), 79.29 g/t Vanadium (V), 83.61 g/t Strontium (Sr), and 96.53 g/t Zirconium (Zr).

Those concentrations of rare earths are what is commonly known as "dirt".

All these metals have significant economic and strategic value and depending on purity and lot size, individual powders refined into metal may range in price from US$15.00 per kilogram for lanthanum metal, to US$30,000 per kilogram (US$30.00 per gram) for scandium metal. Some of these metals like Rubidium, which is not actively traded, have sold for as much as US$58.20 per gram.

Worth noting that scandium metal is also not "actively traded". I would be astonished if more than 10 kg a year was sold annually, globally.


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  1. It would be interesting to know which rear earth elements are used in the industry and are activly traded and at what price so we could estimate the value of this dirt that you are discoverin by drilling.I had an idea tha that deart could be realy valuable even bigher than same of the gold vains. Coud you let me know the price of the elements.

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