Military CO2 Emissions

Most, most amusing:

The MoD has admitted that FRES will have to meet rules that cut emissions from cars, vans and lorries.

That is, that the new generation of tanks and armoured vehicles will have to have fuel sipping engines. Perhaps we\’ll stick a Polo engine (90 odd grammes CO2 per km) into a 40 tonne tank? That\’ll help it get around the battlefield, won\’t it?

Compare that with the American M1 Abrams (which a buddy used to drive in the National Guard). 4 gallons a mile he told me.

Could I just point out that insisting on environmentally sound engines for tanks is simply fucking insane?

6 thoughts on “Military CO2 Emissions”

  1. Is it me, or are we seeing a tidal change in the MSM’s reporting on the Brown government….?

    I don’t think I’ve seen such a piling-on of a government in deep trouble since, well, ever!

    And that includes the last days of the Major government.

  2. Of course the weapons they fire will use low-carbon non-polluting explosives and will be approved by elf’n’saftey

  3. The EU really did consider banning lead from bullets, in what would have been a new definition of “friendly fire”.

  4. What about enviro-friendly nuclear warheads?

    We could insist on them having no parts that can be accidentally swallowed by small radioactive children.

    Also, the targetting hardware should be more user friendly so that blind people and arthritis patients can use them. I’m sure Radio 4 “You and Yours” will start a bleatathon about this soon.

    Acoustically damped artillery shells. That would be a good way of sleeping through the next war.

    All infantry should be made to march in carpet slippers, to prevent erosion of the topsoil.

    Whitley Bay to be declared politically neutral in the event of war, (but not in the event of England getting knocked out of the world cup, and a hapless Scotsman caught wandering along the beach.)

    No shooting in the direction of the pub, church, satellite TV dish, Daras Hall, Tescos, the dog track, or the football stadium. Also no shooting teenagers, dogs, cats, hamsters, goldfish, budgies, Skippy , Shamu, Rolf Harris, or The Queen.

    Oh oh oh what a lovely war…..

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