Most Interesting Ms. Klein

As far as I can work through the logic of Naomi Klein\’s piece it is this.

The markets are investing more in security companies than in climate change abatement. This is terrible and shows how the markets have to be regulated by government.

That last, of couse, being the conclusion of any Naomi Klein piece.

The bit she seems to have forgotten is that, well, governments are hired by us precisely to provide us with security. Defence, a criminal justice system, these are the very foundations of the argument for the existence of the State at all. The beginning of the justification for them in fact.

So if we have the markets investing in these very areas we\’re obviously seeing evidence of government failure: people are voting with their money with every dollar to show that government is failing at its most basic task. This doesn\’t strike me as being a supporting argument fo government to be attempting to do other things really.

This is also very cute:

By far the biggest market is the fortressing of Europe and North America – Halliburton\’s contract to build detention centres for an unspecified immigration influx, Boeing\’s "virtual" border fence, biometric ID cards.

Err, biometric ID cards are being forced upon us by government, not private sector companies.

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