No, I\’m Not Surprised

A barrister suggested yesterday that Scotland Yard might have leaked news about a breakthrough in the Stephen Lawrence murder case to deflect criticism from the report into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

But should I be surprised about not being surprised? I know we joke about cynicism being the only appropriate response to the utterings of any politician but is it actually the correct one? Really?

That when they are accused of acting like complete scumbags our reaction is "Sure"?


1 thought on “No, I\’m Not Surprised”

  1. I suspect that if anybody is in control of the Met’s leak machine it’s not Blair, and that the habitual leakers are more likely to want to see him swing than to throw him a lifebelt.

    On the other hand I did find myself driving across London on the evening of Friday of last week, immediately after the trial verdict. The place seemed absolutely crawling with coppers blue-lamping back and forth, rather as if somebody had felt a sudden need to demonstrate their usefulness.

    Must remember to pack my tinfoil hat next trip.

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