Oh Dear

First flagged up by John B, used as an "And finally" item at the ASI, a little jokule that some have found not funny:

Amid the packed carriages, interminable delays and passengers listening to their MP3 players too loudly, her voice has been an oasis of calm, soothingly reminding passengers on the London Underground to "mind the gap". But the career of Emma Clarke, the voice of the tube, may have come to the end of the line.

London Underground has said it will not be offering the voiceover artist any more work, after she appeared to criticise the transport system in a newspaper interview.

If you didn\’t hear the announcements first time around, the G has transcripts of them all.

To prove the tube network was not devoid of humour, the spokesman added: "London Underground is sorry to have to announce that further contracts for Ms Clarke are experiencing severe delays."

Ho Ho.

1 thought on “Oh Dear”

  1. The thing is, it seems like they have responded to Chinese whispers. Someone obviously told Them Who Decide that she had slagged the tube off, whereas what she actually did was say that she did not like travelling on the tube because she kept hearing her own voice everywhere!

    Anyway, the whole episode has probably raised her profile immeasurably, so good for her.

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