Paul Krugman: Wobbled By Wealth


The public wants change. … Nor is the demand for change solely about Iraq: there has been a strong revival of economic populism. Democracy Corps asked those who believe America is on the wrong track to choose phrases that best described … what’s gone wrong. The most commonly chosen were “Big businesses get whatever they want in Washington” and “Leaders have forgotten the middle class.”

So much, by the way, for pundits who claim that Americans don’t care about economic inequality…

Paul laddie. That first answer isn\’t a condemnation of economic inequality. It\’s a condemnation of the way in which the State pokes its nose into economic life. If Congress weren\’t so hell bent on detailing what we all may do then business wouldn\’t be in there buying the right to do as they wish. The way to stop business buying such influence is to stop Congress attempting to have such influence capable of being bought.

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  1. Oh Tim,
    What you don’t realise is that with the ‘right’ politicians in charge this wouldn’t happen at all. They would have the interests of ‘the people’ at heart.
    Of course, this is the Democrats. They acted in the interests of the people when supporting the sugar subsidies and the farm subsidies. These big businesses are obviously helping the people. If we tax the people heavily then they won’t be able to afford sugar and get fat, but we then need to ensure that jobs aren’t lost so we must pay the producers to do nothing.

    You see? Its all for the good of the people.

    I am ever thankful that we have such wise and wonderful politicians looking out for us.

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